🎓 #UWGrad Spring 2022 Spotlight: Dakota Roettger Student employees help power #UWMadison — there are nearly 9,000 of them across campus. One of them, Dakota Roettger, has earned recognition far beyond campus. Roettger works part-time at the Office of @uwmad_finaid, where he oversees the recruiting, onboarding, and training of other student employees who serve as administrative assistants. Earlier this year, Roettger, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, was named UW–Madison’s 2021-22 Student Employee of the Year. He went on to win the Wisconsin title and the 14-state Midwest regional title. He’s featured in a publication of the National Student Employment Association. Roettger is double-majoring in marketing and management & human resources. Upon graduation, he will be joining the marketing team at AlphaSights in New York City.