🎓 #UWGrad Spring 2022 Spotlight: Joel Baraka At the Kyangwali refugee camp in western Uganda where Joel Baraka grew up, not many children get the opportunity to attend school. Baraka, who graduates this semester with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, counts himself among the fortunate, though access to learning resources was still a challenge. To address this, Baraka founded @myhomestars, a Ugandan-based nonprofit with a mission of making education more equitable and accessible to Ugandan refugee children. With his team, Baraka has focused on developing board games that are affordable and help children learn in fun and engaging ways. The nonprofit has raised about $60,000 through grants, donations, and competitions and has supported the learning of more than 5,000 children in Uganda, mostly during the pandemic when schools remained closed. Baraka came to #UWMadison through the university’s King-Morgridge Scholars Program.