Meet Sami, one of the helpful faces behind Safer Badgers. If Sami’s looking to make a fashion statement, this aspiring horticulturist would probably pick muted earth tones over garish neon. But Sami didn’t take the Badger Wellness Ambassador job for its signature COVID couture: the “oh-so-flattering neon yellow vest.” Rather, what drew her to the job was the ability to do some homework during downtime on her shifts — while also helping to keeping campus safe. “Without BWAs, buildings around campus would likely have to stay closed,” says Sami, a sophomore from Madison. “So I feel proud to be a part of a system that is allowing the university to continue operating as safely as possible during this long pandemic!” With spring peeking around the corner, Sami’s excited to get her hands dirty with gardening—maybe even making use of some tips from her favorite class this semester: Plant Breeding and Biotechnology. “Though I currently only have indoor plants, I can’t wait to zone out and tend to my garden,” Sami says, listing basil and zucchini as favorites to grow. “I love taking care of plants because it’s relaxing and therapeutic. It helps me feel more connected to the earth and nature.” During the pandemic, she’s also been connecting more with her “nerdier” side, getting into historical fiction shows like The Borgias, Harlots, Vikings, and The Great. Sami’s also been devouring knowledge about astrology—with a side of nachos. “I have developed a bit of a Taco Bell obsession,” Sami explains. “I live about two blocks away from one that’s open until 2am, so those workers have been seeing a lot of my face… or just my eyes, I guess.