Meet Kacee, one of the helpful faces behind Safer Badgers. Kacee graduated with just 10 classmates from her rural high school in Kiowa, Kansas — a wheat farming town of about 1,000 just north of the Oklahoma state line. So when she walked into Camp Randall for the first time, attending her first football game as a freshman, Kacee was awestruck. “It was so surreal to me, being in the enormous student section — and the feeling that I finally made it here,” says Kacee, now a senior majoring in industrial engineering. It was a difficult transition, jumping into a university community about 70 times the size of her hometown, but Kacee’s found her second home at UW–Madison — and with @uwdoit’s Help Desk. She enjoys the challenge of being a student team lead, helping fellow students, faculty and staff navigate technical issues, including troubleshooting the Safer Badgers app. “It’s always satisfying to resolve even the smallest of customers’ issues,” Kacee says. “But when I am able to resolve more complex issues, it feels so rewarding, knowing I helped someone in a way many people might not have been able to.” When she’s not busy studying optimization modeling in her @uwmadengr classes, she likes to apply slightly simpler equations in the kitchen, making delicious food on a college budget. (On the menu this week? Tom yum Thai soup and bacon balsamic deviled eggs.) Hopeful that the new testing requirements and Safer Badgers measures will soon pave the way for a more vibrant campus life, Kacee looks forward to expanding her Kiowa-to-Madison horizons even further. “I want to attend as many local concerts as possible—or listen to live music anywhere I can find it!”