While many of us have been away during the pandemic, campus continues to evolve as construction projects progress. If you haven’t been to Badgerland for a while, expect to see some new things (📸:@jeffmiller_uwmad): 1. The four-year Chemistry Building expansion project is taking shape and will be completed by early 2022. The $133 million tower and other renovations will update teaching and laboratory spaces. 2. Construction workers work on the exterior facade of an addition to the Chemistry Building. 3. The Chemistry Building project involves renovation of the basement, first floor, and second floor of the Daniels wing. These floors house teaching laboratories, classrooms, and undergraduate student services spaces. 4. Sellery Residence Hall is in the midst of a three-year renovation to improve resident space and upgrade facilities. It includes a new connecting link between the two towers, similar to the one at Witte Residence Hall. 5. Cranes hoist and lower material for the building addition to Sellery Residence Hall. 6. Construction workers use heavy equipment to grind remaining rubble piles from the demolished 1960s-era Natatorium. Construction of a new Natatorium is expected to begin in spring. 7. A newly completed expansion of Babcock Hall includes a three-story addition to house the Center for Dairy Research (CDR), a milk intake facility with three storage silos, and a small addition to house a two-story dryer.