Meet Josh, one of the helpful faces behind Safer Badgers. As a locksmith for @housinguw, Josh’s job involves physically securing spaces on campus—installing and repairing locks, managing masterkey systems, issuing and returning keys, and everything in between. And with the new COVID-19 testing requirements, Josh also helps make sure Safer Badgers testing sites are up and running, by providing keys and access to these critical spaces for the staff that run them. Working on campus throughout the spring and fall semesters last year, Josh also found himself in the position of converting residence halls into isolation spaces to support students with COVID-19, finding unique solutions to lock off common areas to limit gatherings, and anything else necessary to ensure student, staff and facility security. “I find that the variability of the challenges provides a rewarding work environment that helps me grow and become better at what I do,” says Josh, who has worked for UW–Madison for two years. “I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do to help keep Housing operating during the pandemic. It has taken a large, skilled team to accomplish this, and I am glad to have played a part.” A flute player since high school, Josh has a bachelor’s degree in music education from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. His favorite piece to listen to is the Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Flute Concerto in D minor — and when the pandemic turns around, he looks forward to joining his fellow members of the Madison Flute Club to perform other (sometimes original) compositions. Meanwhile, Josh enjoys being able to work on campus, contributing the safety of #UWMadison’s operations while getting to know all its nooks and crannies. “I enjoy finding the quiet, less traversed places that my position leads me to,” Josh says. “Often I get to see the inner workings of our buildings where few ever need to go.”