Meet Jen, one of the helpful faces behind Safer Badgers. Ever call the @uwdoit Help Desk and wonder if the agent helping you has a tattoo of a jackalope named Meredith? Well, if you’re on the line with Jen, you’re in luck! A student developer from Waukesha majoring in software development at @madisoncollege, Jen’s passion for helping people is perhaps matched only by her love for these mythical creatures from folklore (rumored to be a jackrabbit with antelope horns). In her Help Desk role, Jen thrives on the fact that there’s always an accomplishment to strive for, while working in a fun-yet-always-productive environment. “Bonus points because being productive usually involves helping people,” Jen adds. “It’s really rewarding, and it makes me feel like I’m engaging with my community,” says Jen, who enjoys studying user interface design to maximize usability and improve user experience. “With everything online since March, it’s also really refreshing to be able to have constructive—and often really wholesome—conversations with people.” For socially-distanced fun in her downtime, Jen enjoys cooking and playing Red Dead Redemption and Final Fantasy XIV online with friends. But she can’t wait to get back to the concerts at the unions put on by the @wisconsinuniondirectorate. “I really, really miss those shows right now!” Jen says. And this may be a tall tale, but we heard Meredith does, too.