Meet Ryan, one of the helpful faces behind Safer Badgers. As a front desk supervisor at Sellery Hall, Ryan takes pride in helping create a warm, friendly environment at one of the largest dorms on campus, with over 1,100 students who call Sellery home. “I like to think my co-supervisor and I work to make sure residents feel like they can come to the front desk for anything, and they’ll be met with a smiling face—even if it’s under a mask,” says the junior accounting major from Saukville. In his first year as a desk supervisor, Ryan has been grateful to play a role in making Sellery residents’ time in the dorm as normal and safe as possible throughout the pandemic, doing his part to preserve that “quintessential college dorm experience.” These days, those duties might include helping residents get their packages while in quarantine, or serving as a resource for residents and their families when they have questions about COVID-19 testing requirements. “I take pride in being able to give residents comfort in a time that is so challenging,” Ryan says. “It’s so important to be there for other people right now, and it’s my hope that the desk staff and residents feel supported and comforted in Sellery.” When he’s not busy helping dorm residents or studying cost management systems in his accounting classes, Ryan likes to unwind by watching reality TV with his roommates (their current escape: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City). And with UW–Madison’s testing and safety measures paving the way, Ryan hopes to soon get back to some of those signature real-life Badger experiences. “I’m definitely most excited to go to the Terrace with my friends,” Ryan says. “And to just see Madison alive again.”